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Welcome you to our guest! Welcome!
Here you will find clothes made of cotton, linen, rayon and other natural fabrics. The harmonious combination of colors, unique loose and comfortable cut, emphasizing the feminine silhouette.A large part of the collections presented here is an easy dresses, long skirts and jackets available. Initially, each product is madein a single copy. However, we are always happy tomake it for you according to your measurements, and again!
Therefore, do not hesitate to email us if you have a question or suggestion.We are pleased to help you in choosing the right dress for you or sew it for you to order.

Viscoza - the clothes of lightness, joy and radiance of the soul.
We believe that today, in the days when everything is so accessible and is
not easy to stop and make the right choice, it is important to appreciate the moment.
When we breathe, calm down
and let our true soul to go in the right direction.
That is why the breath - this is our foundation and relationship with themselves and with the outside world.
We believe that clothing should breathe, give comfort and joy.
And our main goal - to give you the full joy!

It is important to allow your body to breathe freely.
If we allow ourselves to breathe properly, all the processes in our body
They work in a natural rhythm.
Breathing sets the rhythm of life, connects us with the world outside and inside.To breathe is to see, hear, understand, appreciate and pay attention,give, take and give thanks.

Thank you for the opportunity presented to us to create outfits for you!
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